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Amun (Omar Metwally)

"You're all fools to think you can defy the Volturi."
―Amun, about the Volturi Confrontation.[src]

Amun is an Egyptian vampire and the leader of the Egyptian Coven.


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Personality and physical traits[1]EditEdit

Described as having dark hair and olive pallor, Amun is mistrustful and outspoken. He has an extremely quiet mate named Kebi and is the one who created Benjamin. He is very possessive of Benjamin because of his elemental powers, and has made sure Benjamin was hidden from Aro, because Amun knew Aro would want him for his "collection". Amun is also easily intimidated.

Breaking Dawn[2]EditEdit

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Amun comes to Forks with his coven to help the Cullens in Breaking Dawn. However, he is very distrustful and accuses Carlisle of trying to "steal" members of his coven, particularly Benjamin. Amun agrees to stay long enough to testify after Benjamin threatened to disband their alliance. He and his mate Kebi refused to touch Renesmee Cullen. Right after his testimony, he and his mate Kebi take their leave before the confrontation ended.

Relationships [3]EditEdit

Kebi [4]EditEdit

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Kebi is an Egyptian immortal and Amun's mate. A quiet vampire who unquestioningly and devotedly follows her mate's instructions, there is no doubt that Amun is in control of the relationship and that Kebi is very much dominated by him. It is never mentioned why she acts this way, though it may reflect on their culture.

Benjamin [5]EditEdit

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Amun created Benjamin because he knew that he would have an exceptionally strong and unique ability: to control the natural elements (water, earth, fire, and air). Amun tries to control Benjamin and keep him in the coven, but the younger vampire is very independent and doesn't allow himself to be manipulated. This possessiveness is due to Benjamin's talent.