Yes, they do look rather juicy."
―Heidi to Demetri.[src]

Heidi is a vampire and a member of the Volturi guard. She is the one who brings humans to them to satisfy their thirst. Her way of dressing has earned her the appellation of "fisher" and "bait".


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History [1]EditEdit

New Moon[2]EditEdit

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Heidi made a short appearance in New Moon, where she lured a group of tourists of all ages into the Volturi's lair to be preyed upon by their members. The screams of the humans are heard when Bella, Edward, and Alice are departing, signaling that the frenzy had begun, and the vampires were feasting. It is likely that tourists had been brought from outside Volterra, as Alice explained to Bella on the plane trip to Italy that luring prey from beyond the city not only prevents hunting within the area but also gives the guard something to do when they are not annihilating law-breakers or protecting the city from exposure.

Breaking Dawn[3]EditEdit

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She is only briefly mentioned as part of the Volturi guard in Forks for the immortal child crisis after mistaking that Renesmee Cullen for such one. After the situation is cleared, she departs to Volterra with her coven.

Appearance [4]EditEdit

Heidi is described as gorgeous and statuesque with long, lustrous mahogany hair and long legs. Her eyes are violet, due to her using blue contacts over red irises. Her voice is described as silky.

Powers and abilities [5]EditEdit

It is stated that, like Rosalie Hale, her beauty is exceptional, mesmerizing and unforgettable. She is also mentioned to have an unknown special ability; it is not clear whether the two coincide. But in an interview Stephenie Meyer had stated that her power was illusions, making people see what she wants them to. But since this power is not shown in the books, it remains a mystery.