Kachiri is a member of the Amazon Coven, which includes also Zafrina and Senna. They live in South America and prefer not to act human.

She is instrumental in helping Alice Cullen find Hulien and Nahuel so they could witness for the Cullens that Renesmee means no harm and to prevent a fight with the Volturi. At the end of Breaking Dawn, they make it to Forks just before the battle commences and Kachiri is reunited with her coven mates. After the confrontation, they return to South America.

Physical appearance[1]EditEdit

Like the rest of her coven, she is described as having darkish skin and being tall and muscular with wild dark hair and long limbs. Although she is more muscular than the others. Bella describes her as the wildest-looking of the three.


Kachiri is a Native Brazilian name meaning "fortunate". Ironically enough, the Volturi retreat after proof that Renesmee is not a threat. Her original native name indicates that she is the oldest of her coven, being born before 1500.