Kebi (Andrea Gabriel)

Kebi is a member of the Egyptian Coven. She never talks and rarely leaves her mate's, Amun, side and always gives off an obedient aura towards him. She leaves fairly quickly with him, after the Volturi show up in Breaking Dawn.


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Physical description[1]EditEdit

Kebi is described as dark haired and olive skinned.

Breaking Dawn[2]EditEdit

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Kebi, along with the Egyptian Coven, was to witness for the Cullens to persuade the Volturi to accept Renesmee. When Renesmee tried to show Amun her story through her special ability, he refused. He wouldn't allow Kebi to touch Renesmee either. She never really disagrees with him and follows his decisions without question. Although she doubts them at times, she still goes along with them, though whether she's intimidated or simply a pacifist is unknown. Bella has never heard her talk. She is never farther away from Amun than his shadow.

Film portrayal[3]EditEdit

[4]Andrea Gabriel

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The role of Kebi will be played by Andrea Gabriel.