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Nettie was a southern vampire and member of Maria's Coven, along with Lucy.


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Lucy, Maria and Nettie were all newborns of recently lost battles, who had formed an alliance out of convenience; Maria had wanted her lost territories back, while Lucy and Nettie were eager to expand their hunting grounds.

Together, the three of them began building their newborn army. After Maria found Jasper Whitlock and he had joined them, their army began winning more territory and the three of them were delighted. Some time later though Lucy and Nettie began feeling malice towards Maria, which alerted Jasper of their impending betrayal. Maria and Jasper defeated them and Lucy along with Nettie was killed.

Physical appearance[2]EditEdit

Nettie is described as having very pale skin, with an angelic face, scarlet red eyes and blonde hair. This is in contrast to the film, where she is portrayed as having dark brown hair.


Film portrayal[4]EditEdit

[5]Leah Gibson

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Leah Gibson portrayed Nettie in the &nbsp